John Harper ICI Services

We offer student visa consultancy for Filipinos who are interested to study with work rights in New Zealand and Canada. In addition, we provide Review Courses for English Exams and English Proficiency

Study & Work Abroad

New Zealand and Canada
welcomes you to study with work
rights in their country. Learn how
and have a short meeting online or
in our office

Review for English Exams

We have a 95% passing rate for our
review students. Unlimited review
with assistance on exam
application. Choose to study online
or onsite at our office.

English Proficiency Classes

Improve your English Speaking and
Writing skills for School, Work,
Business and everyday use. Choose
to study online or onsite at our

Get in Touch

Find us at the office

535 Verde Oro Bldg., Commonwealth Ave. Quezon City

Give us a ring

(02) 759-2569

0949 - 1925784

0905 - 4964975

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